About me

I am a detail-oriented, meticulous German editor/writer/translator and lawyer with a firm grasp of the English (UK and US spelling) and German languages, in-depth research experience and a mix of legal, finance, marketing, and publishing expertise. In addition, I work as a freelance lawyer-linguist at the Court of Justice of the European Union and am a member of the German Press Association (DPV).

Creativity is important to me – as are analysing and strategising. These skills actually complement each other well and allow me to tackle and conquer new topics quickly and efficiently. I would consider this to be one of my greatest strengths: to familiarise myself with and become knowledgeable about any given subject matter in a short amount of time.

Born and raised in Germany, I studied law at the prestigious law school of the University of Heidelberg; after finishing my legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court in Düsseldorf, I was called to the German Bar in 2001.

Instead of going into the legal field, I worked as an online editor for a municipal online platform before taking on a role as an in-house legal and PR advisor for a British-German engineering company in Southern Germany.

After leaving the corporate world, I worked as a self-employed web designer and translator for several years before relocating to London. Prior to signing up as a senior researcher and writer with The Legal 500, I held a role as marketing and product manager for an online travel company and as a researcher for a financial publisher in the City of London. In 2014, I decided to move back to Germany and build my freelance business.

Over the years, I have travelled extensively to and in Australia, the US, Canada and many other countries. In addition, I have lived and worked in the UK and the US for more than 6 years.