Translation, Localisation & Transcreation

First and foremost, I provide high-quality human translations utilising audience- and industry-appropriate vocabulary.

I am committed to delivering translations that are both technically and culturally accurate. While I do work with a translation memory system (MemSource), I only provide manual translations. I offer 15+ years’ translation and writing experience (website content, white papers, contracts, business plans, marketing material etc.) with a special focus on legal, finance, engineering, and IT subject matters.

Transcreation and localisation are more about translating ideas and concepts and delivering a creative message while ensuring that is is suitable for the German local market. I live in Germany but have spent a lot of time in the UK, USA, and Australia. Hence, I am aware of cultural differences and am culturally sensitive. I can meet your need to go beyond the written word – or stick to it – whatever your requirements may be.