Editing is not about me and my style of writing – it puts your content and word choices in the limelight. My aim is to make your texts read beautifully and do what they are supposed to do: inform and engage.

Appealing and audience-appropriate content requires a keen eye for consistency and coherence, text-flow, proper word usage, and last but not least, impeccable spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The latter is where proofreading comes into the mix. But an editor will also rewrite and rephrase to improve readability and clarity, while at the same time keeping your/your organisation’s style intact.

Depending on your needs, I can offer light, medium, and substantial editing services. For a breakdown of what the different editorial services entail, please click here: editorial services explained.

Please feel free to pass along a few paragraphs to word [at] elakremer.de to get them reviewed and see what kind of notes, comments, and changes I would make.